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PowerPC Assembler Course

This four-day course covers all assembler instructions, with special emphasis on the most-used instructions such as rotate/extract/insert. The course includes a lab-based on Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE and many hands-on exercises, including writing EABI-standard utilities. Our instructors have extensive commercial experience writing assembler programs for the PowerPC and have also acted as consultants to many companies helping them to identify and rectify problems with their programs and optimize their code for real-time requirements.

Topics covered:

1. PPC architecture
2. How to write a simple PPC assembler program
3. Arithmetic instructions
4. Logical instructions
5. Load/Store instructions and addressing modes
6. Flow control instructions
7. EABI standard
8. How to write a C and C++ callable assembler program
9. Advanced instructions
10. Altivec instructions
11. e500 architecture
12. Most useful e500 instructions

Note: A three-day short version and a two-day brief version of the course are available on request.



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