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MCU Flash Programmer Toolset          


A toolset comprising of a PC (Windows) application and utility that is downloaded to the MCU flash memory and enables the user to easily download tiny (provided) code that in turn takes over the MCU control and allows the applications S-Record file to be downloaded and burnt into the internal MCU flash.

Debugging suite for NXP's Frame Manager (FMan)




A stand-alone debugging suite that utilizes the FMan Independent Mode (IM) to greatly reduce the time required to identify the source of a problem.  

Test Suite for MPC83xx-Based Boards     +      

A stand-alone suite that tests major functionality of the board, enabling the user to validate whether hardware-related functionality and interfaces operate correctly.

eTSEC Receive Queue Filer Compiler


A stand-alone compiler developed by DoGav Systems. Accepts C-like statements and generates a corresponding single C function that can then be called during device initialization to install the corresponding binary image into the eTSEC Filter Machine.

Count Execution Cycles       +     A tool that measures a function's actual execution core cycles in real time, under the user environment. It also measures the number of completed instructions. It does this by incorporating the e500 Performance Monitor using two counters, PMC0 for counting cycles and PMC1 for counting completed instructions. Available free as an object file here.
MMU Configuration       +    
A MS Excel-based tool to assist e500 users choose setup values for the MASx registers. The user enters the desired parameter values, and the tool uses those values to find the correct Hex values for the MASx registers. The tool also checks for inconsistency. The tools also helps users calculate values for the local memory window registers (LAWARx, LAWBARx). Available free of charge here.




We offer Assembler / C-level stand-alone CPM-aware drivers for all the protocols implemented on the PowerQUICC I and  PowerQUICC II. These drivers are easily integrated into popular RTOS's such as pSOS, VxWorks, MQX and QNX.  Our drivers have been purchased and successfully deployed by some of major global players in the netcomm market.


Our drivers are:

Highly optimized

Production quality

Interrupt driven.

Typically offer up to 200% performance increase over standard distribution drivers in a wide variety of applications.


All drivers have the following features:

Zero-Copy buffering.

Independent Buffer handler

Interrupt driven

Statistical collections


All of the drivers incorporate highly efficient buffer handling (implemented in Assembler) which offers two function sets, thus enabling the handler to operate in two different modes:

Protected mode - each freed buffer is checked whether it belongs to the buffer pool and if it has been already released

Fast mode - above checks are eliminated, resulting in faster handling.


Available Drivers:








eTSEC Ethernet       +

Abstracts eTSEC programming model & provides the user application with a simple and easy to use API.

Supports Supports of TCP/IP Offload capabilities of the device

UCC HDLC Transparent

    + + Abstracts UCC programming model & provides the user application with a simple and easy to use API.
Supports both HDLC and Transparent protocols.
UCC Ethernet     + +

Abstracts UCC programming model & provides the user application with a simple and easy to use API.

IMA   +1 + + Currently under development.
USB       Supports Agent mode only. Host mode is under development.
PCI   Supports Host and Agent. PCI scan to detect agent cards. Full interrupt support. DMA/Message/Doorbell support.
ATM + + + + Available with friendly user interface for windows.
Fast Ethernet + + + + Build-in MAC address recognition, implemented by hash search.
FCC for PQ-II.
FEC for PQ-I.
10baseT Ethernet + + + + SCC.
UART + + + + SCC.
HDLC + + + + FCC, SCC for PQ-II.
SCC for PQ-I.
Transparent + + + + FCC, SCC, SMC for PQ-II.
SCC, SMC for PQ-I.
Multi Channel + + + + MCC for PQ-II.
QMC for PQ-I.
SPI + + + +  
I2C + + + +  
IrDa +        

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