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DoGav Systems announces an MCU Flash Programmer toolset



Dogav Systems is proud to announce the release of an MCU Flash Programmer toolset for NXPís MPC56xx family of microcontroller processors that makes use of the MCUís Boot Assist Module (BAM) feature. The toolset enables the user to easily download tiny (provided) code that in turn takes over the MCU control and allows the applicationís S-Record file to be downloaded and burnt into the internal MCU flash.

The toolset comprises of a PC (Windows) application with graphical user interface and a small utility that is downloaded to the MCU flash memory.

Key features:

  • Auto-baud select (during the BAM phase)

  • Download the applicationís S-record and program it into the internal flash

  • Flash confirmation with the S-record

  • S-record encryption to protect the application code (the encryption key for each customer is unique)

  • Real-time full details of the process status

  • Enable change of public password

  • Restore of public password

  • Compare of S-File with existing flash content (or part of it).

  • Dump of selected flash address range(s) into Windows file

 Also available as part of the toolset:

  • Full-featured and highly efficient FAT32 file system implementation (including SD-Erase) to allow communication between the MCU (master) and an SD card (slave) via SPI.

  • Large records are transferred via DMA to ensure optimal performance.

  • Downloading of selected files after compressing them aggressively (modifies LZW)

More information can be found on the products page.



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