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DoGav Systems announces a debugging suite for Freescale's Frame Manager (FMan)



Dogav Systems is proud to announce the release of a debugging suite for Freescale's Frame Manager (FMan)


Freescale's QorIQ Datapath Acceleration Architecture (DPAA) provides the infrastructure to support simplified sharing of networking

interfaces and accelerators by using multiple CPU cores. Tasks such as packet distribution, i.e. in-line packet parsing and general classification to enable

policing and QoS-based packet distribution to the CPUs for further processing, are handled by a block/module within the DPAA called Frame Manager (FMan).


FMan is arguably one of the most complex module within Freescale's P family (e.g. P2041) and T family (e.g. T1042) of communication processors.


If the u-boot fails to interact though the FMan Ethernet port (which implies correct connection), valuable time can be wasted in trying to track the source of the problem.


DoGav Systems has developed a stand-alone debugging suite that utilizes the FMan Independent Mode (IM), including firmware upload, to greatly reduce the time required to identify the source of a problem.  The suite consists of two c-files, three h-files and one assembler file, and requires CodeWarrior Development Studio v10 for Power Architecture and CodeWarriorTAP JTAG probe. It is particularly suitable for the board bring-up phase.


As part of its offering, DoGav Systems also provides on-line support and assistance in carrying out the debugging process.



More information can be found on our products page.



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