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DoGav Systems announces a microcode version of MemTest  for the PowerQUICC II, PowerQUICC II-Pro, PowerQUICC III and P10xx devices


DoGav Systems are proud to announce the latest version of its popular memory testing tool for systems designed with Freescale’s CPM-based and QUICC Engine (QE)-based PowerQUICC devices. This version is fully implemented in microcode and unlike its predecessor runs on the CPM/QUICC Engine rather than the host processor.


With dozens of satisfied customers using MemTest over the last few years to qualify their boards and fine tune DDR memory timing, MemTest is the absolute MUST HAVE tool for any DDR-based board developer.


It can be used with Static, Dynamic, SDRAM, or DDRx memory, and works by flooding the memory under test with well distributed random data, and then verifies the integrity of this data.

More information can be found on our products page.


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