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DoGav Systems announces a microcode module supporting PROFIBUS DP for PowerQUICC and QorIQ devices


The new module fully supports the PROFIBUS (Process Field Bus) DP (Decentralized Peripherals) standard on Freescale’s PowerQUICC and QorIQ processors with programmable CPM or QUICC Engine Controller (e.g. MPC82xx,MPC8306 and P1021), and therefore it is able to offload a substantial amount of processing resources from the host processor.


Available immediately, the new module features include:

  • Slave(s) and Master support

  • Master automatically switches between Slaves

  • Writing directly to memory-mapped I/O devices or read from them (or both) if instructed to. This feature significantly frees the host processor.

  • The host processor may add/remove new Slaves dynamically (Master port only).

  • Master retries to “silent Slave” is handled automatically. Number of retries is configurable.

  • Corresponding statistics counter is updated.

  • Maskable interrupts are generated per various events

  • A number of statistics counters.

  • Generation of frame checksum as well as frame terminators (0x16)

  • Three types of timestamps are provided (Receive, Transmit and “Last touch”)

  • Transmit and Receive functions use the “classic” buffer descriptors model

  • 12Mbps with 8 times oversampling (device dependent clock).

  • Master support up to 126 Slaves

  • Master automatically generates tokens

  • Each port records all its PROFIBUS network activities, encapsulates them into Ethernet UDP frames and send them to PC tracer (PC parser s/w is provided)

  • Customizable. Can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

  • Loadable on Freescale's PowerQUICC and QorIQ devices with programmable CPM or QUICC Engine Controller

A short video about the new module can be viewed here.

More information can be found on our products page. You may also want to check Freescale's PROFIBUS Solution webpage.



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