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The people who use our products and services are the only ones that really know what we are like. So here is what our customers have to say about us:



"...Your help has been tremendously helpful and you have been working hard to get all of this working and we appreciate it! ...You have been a great help to us...."
US Customer, June 2018


"...Thank you very much, that took care of the problem completely. ...Again thank you very much."
US Customer, April 2018


"..Thank you very much for the valuable help

(customer had an issue with the QorIQ's DPAA that has delayed a project by several weeks. This was addressed in less than a day once we got involved)

Israeli Customer, April 2017


"I’ve done some testing and everything seems to be working just fine. The microcode and the associated API is already integrated in the main development stream of the product."

North American customer, February 2016


"This worked great for me. The code, including the RAM s-records, loaded and ran fine."

North American Customer, October 2015


"Again, I don’t think I could have come this far without your knowledge, so thank you very much for the wonderful support. I would like to thank you again for your prompt response and for advancing our debugging efforts. I seriously doubt I could have managed to get such answers on my own. Hope to work with you again."

Israeli customer, May 2015


"I would like to thank you for your fruitful contribution yesterday. It was very helpful and allowed us to go forward."

Israeli Customer, March 2015


"We "I really appreciate the effort you put in ... to get this working."

North American Customer, November 2014


"We successfully integrated IDMA transfer in our product and it went smooth. Thank you and great work from your side. Also, your support to make IDMA works on our custom hardware was beyond expectation."

North American Customer, Spetmeber 2014


"I also have really enjoyed our collaboration on this touchy development and I hope we will have the opportunity to work on other topics in the future."

European Customer, April 2014


"With your great help the problem was fixed quickly. Thank you for your prompt and most efficient assistance!"

European Customer, April 2014


"Your last version works VERY well : both directions and for very big sample shifts ! So far not a single issue… Congratulations : You have done It !"

European Customer, December 2013


"The version I used was performing very well and just was about to send report to upper managers."

North American Customer, October 2013


"Thank you. It is great to have an expert as you to ask this tricky questions and get the straight answers."

North American Customer, July 2013


"... enjoyed working with you and look forward to doing it again.  Yes, we are happy with the DMA and are glad you know the ins and outs of that QE!"

North American Customer, March 2013


"We have integrated the tool ([memtest]) into our custom diagnostic image that is launched from ... It appears to be working. We are seeing memory errors (as expected, because we have some HW issues). ... Thanks"

North American Customer, December 2012


"Once again I thank you for this new ucode and I also hope that we will be given a chance to work together on another project"

European Customer, November 2012


"I would like to thank you very much for this tricky development. ...it is now a great technical success and we have exactly what we were looking for… Thank you very much for your cooperation"
European Customer, April 2012

"...all work item related to the CPM and HDLC channels usage are completed. We are satisfied with the work you provided for us."

North American Customer, July 2011


"DoGav has implemented two custom microcode projects for us including the 125usec I-TDM microcode project and we have been very satisfied with not only the cost and performance, which were excellent, but also with their attention to detail and ease of use.  After integrating the I-TDM microcode into our product, our partner said that the
interoperability testing went the fastest verses all the other implementations they had tested against.  When we did have bugs that required changes to the microcode, they were all fixed within days.
South American Customer, May 2011

"I would highly recommend DoGav for any Freescale microcode project. They have the experience and the tenacity to see even highly complex projects through and see them done right."
US-based customer, May 2011

"I got the uCode running today with our Application! So far, it seems to work as described. Very good! We have much testing ahead of us, but thanks and good work."

US-based customer, 2010

"thank you for your work and support. We are very happy now with this solution and it fits to our time schedule."

European-based customer, 2010



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