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DoGav Systemsí consultants have extensive experience in NXP's (formerly Freescale/Motorola) Power Architecture-based electronic devices, in particular the PowerQUICC and QorIQ families of communication processors. We have a proven track record of more than 30 years supporting NXP's customers in developing market-leading products for the communications equipment market. We are extensive expertise in the following areas:


PowerQUICC Microcode Customization and Low-Level Drivers 

Authorized by NXP's (formerly Freescale's) since 2000 to provide customization services for the PowerQUICC ROM-based Communications Processor Module (CPM), DoGav is NXP's most experienced 3rd party microcode developer.


Since receiving its license DoGav Systems has developed numerous customized microcode packages for both small and large NXP customers. These packages are now successfully deployed in commercial products. If you wish to discuss your specific microcode needs, then please contact us using the Microcode Request Form.


In addition, DoGav Systems also offers more than 30 off-the-shelf generic microcode products for the PowerQUICC, PowerQUICC II, PowerQUICC III, and the PowerQUICC II PRO. DoGav Systems also offers efficient low-level drivers for all protocols (excluding USB).  For a full list of all our products please refer to this page.


Answers for questions relating to microcode can be found in the FAQ.


Board Support Package (BSP) 

DoGav Systems has extensive experience developing BSPs for Wind Riverís BSP, including MPC8560 and MPC5200-based systems.


DoGav has also assisted customers in re-using the no longer supported Aisys DriveWay BSP generator for various unsupported PowerQUICC devices.


Board Qualification Tools

DoGav Systems has developed a comprehensive set of stand-alone software tools for functionality testing of newly assembled boards. These cover areas such as memory usage efficiency, cache usage, flash programming of all communications serial ports (TSEC, FCC, FEC, SCC, SMC, SPI, I2C, PCI, PCMCIA, PCI, PCI-Express), etc. These tools are invaluable in terms of identifying faults and reducing testing time when qualifying new boards in preparation for software development.  


Schematic Review

Over the years we have reviewed hundreds of PowerPC and PowerQUICC-based schematic diagrams. Our consultants are expert "problem-solvers", and in many cases have been able to pin-point design errors or incorrect circuit connections and work with our customers to rectify those.



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