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DoGav Systems Ltd is a leading provider of software and hardware consultancy and training services. It specializes in NXP's (formerly Freescale) Power Architecture-based electronic devices, in particular the PowerQUICC and QorIQ families of communication processors.


The company has a proven track record of over 30 years supporting NXP's (formerly Freescale/Motorola) customers in developing market-leading products for the communications equipment market.


To date the company has completed well over 250 successful large-scale project engagements.


With their in-depth knowledge and understanding of both the technology and the market, our highly skilled and experienced engineering team is ready to assist you quickly and efficiently in developing your products.

DoGav Systems was founded and is managed by David Gabbay.



Our clients range in size from small companies seeking specialist advice through to some of the world’s largest communication equipment manufacturers seeking to expand their resources in a particular area or to outsource a specific project. A list of some of our customers can be found here.


Our Vision

"Partnership in our customers' success"

We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide total customer satisfaction. We recognize that everyone has different requirements. Whether your particular needs concern customized code or a specific form of commercial agreement, we will always take an open minded, flexible approach to ensure your needs are met.


We are committed to advancing the quality, breadth of capabilities, and depth of expertise in the services we offer, thus enabling us to surmount the ever evolving demands and challenges faced by today's and tomorrow's engineering organization.






If you would like to discuss how you could make use of DoGav Systems services please contact us.



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